What exactly is this?

This is for a group of girlfriends looking to have a FULL DAY of pampering and fun!!

These are Boudoir Parties that consist of between 4 to 10 lady friends that want to have a good time and have some special pictures and cherished memories of friendship!

What is included?


A special Airbnb in Downtown Paducah, KY

Boudoir Session/ Shower sets included if desired

Catered Lunch/Snacks/Wine/Alcohol

Rooftop Activities

Friendship Group Photos

ALL DAY FUN from 9am to 6pm

This is no specific date, because starting TODAY I will book these whenever desired.


This fee will be $450 per lady to cover all fees and expenses including both a Private Boudoir Session and Friendship Group Photos

*No prints or digitals included like normal.
*Collections must go on a Pre Payment Plan