Have questions or concerns about the entire process? Chances are, you're not the only one! We are here to relieve you of your pre-booking anxiety. We have your back!

Let's Do This! What's Next?   Girl! Let me tell you! You're not going to regret this decision! The next step is to fill out the contact form under Booking & Inquiry. You will then receive an email with information for a phone consultation. During the phone call we will talk you through the entire process and answer any arising questions.

How Much Editing Do You Do?   Photoshop is one of my best friends. However, I like to keep it minimal so that you still look like you! I do skin smoothing and such. Plus those pesky stray hairs or fallen bra straps that often occur. The point is to fall in love with yourself!


You Help With Posing, Right?    Yes, of course! We are very hands-on with posing. We make sure that no body part looks awkward and we use poses that fit YOUR body type.

I'm So Nervous, Is That Bad?    No! I'll straight up tell you that most of our clients are super nervous coming into their sessions. Rest assured you will feel ultra-comfortable.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?     Yes, we do! Trust me, we fully understand finances. This is a fully luxurious experience and therefore the investment is totally worth it!

Do I Need My Own Outfits?    We do have a fully stocked Client Closet with sizes ranging from XSmall to 4x, but we do fully encourage you to bring your own outfits. We do recommend that you bring a minimum of 3 outfits to the session and we can find the perfect match for the look you're desiring. We also ask that EVERYONE bring a nude or black thong to wear under our wardrobe pieces. Also feel free to bring props such as hats, jerseys, jackets etc. Let's make it fun!

Do I Need To Do My Own Hair/Makeup?    No Ma'am! We always provide these services and you will not regret it!

When Do I Get To See My Photos?    You have the option of same-day viewing of your photos. After your session, you're welcome to grab lunch and run those pesky errands and then be back at the studio after 90 minutes. We will then have your viewing and ordering session. If you are unable to do same day viewing, we request that you already have a day picked out within the following 7 days to come back and view.

How Quick Will I Have My Images In Hand?    Digital will be sent the same day, how exciting! Physical products will be mailed to your home between 7-10 business days. If you are requiring your images by a certain date, we highly recommend scheduling your session 2-3 weeks prior.

Be Lovely. Be Bold. Be You.