Believe in what you're capable of

Loving yourself is the most rebellious revolution you'll ever be a part of.

My name is Haley Crenshaw. And that photo you see above this, yep that's me. Body positivity is the core message that my company stands behind. Women are complete Boss Babes and we deserve to feel like it. You will find that you are more confident when you stop trying to be someone else's definition of beautiful, and start being your own.

HaleyK will push boundaries and completely change how you see yourself. Our studio is on a body love mission, and we hope that our part in our client's self love journey stays with them long after the photoshoot.



“I have to say that Haley's Photography is one of the best experiences I've had with being in front of the camera. She is creative, professional, and talented! Haley made me feel comfortable every step of the way!

As a mother of 3 and someone who hates pictures of themselves, I can't believe how good they turned out while still looking like me.

Every woman should do something like this for herself!”

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